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Whole Slide Pathological Image (WSI) Analysis using FRCE

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Dorsa Ziaei

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Presenter: Dorsa Ziaei, Ph.D., Computational Scientist II, Imaging and Visualization Group (IVG), Advanced Biomedical Computational Science (ABCS) 

In this session, we will explore how machine learning can be used to analyze Whole Slide pathological Images (WSIs). We will showcase how to utilize the Frederick Research Computing Environment (FRCE) to speed up processing using GPUs. Having a foundational understanding of machine learning or deep learning could be advantageous. 

This will be a hybrid event. To register, please visit the following link: 

This session will be recorded, and materials will be shared with attendees a few days after the event. 

For additional details and questions, please contact Natasha Pacheco (, Advanced Biomedical Computational Science group, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.

Event Details

Tue, May 28

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Building 549, Executive Board Room, NCI-Frederick