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Protein Structure Prediction on FRCE

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David R. Bell

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Presenter: David R. Bell, Advanced Biomedical Computational Science 

Recent advances in protein structure prediction methods such as AlphaFold2 and ESMFold has enabled protein structure prediction to achieve experimental accuracy in certain cases. In this talk, we will discuss the advantages and limitations of these structure prediction methods and how to run novel structure predictions on FRCE and publicly available servers. No prior knowledge is needed to predict basic protein structures on public servers and interpret prediction results. A beginner level of knowledge working with Unix shell commands will be helpful to predict more complex protein structures on FRCE. 

This will be a hybrid event. To register, please visit the following link:

This session will be recorded, and materials will be shared with attendees a few days after the event. 

For additional details and questions, please contact Natasha Pacheco (, Advanced Biomedical Computational Science group, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research.

Event Details

Tue, Nov 28

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Building 549, Conference Room B, NCI-Frederick