Use this option to develop complex queries (e.g nested AND/OR statements) that you wish to re-use for API calls. Since this option was designed for APIs, it does not run BioQuery, a ToTeM feature that associates genes with interactants, drugs, and GO Terms. Enter parameters in the query below and click the "Run" button. If your query violates any rules on a field, the box will turn red when you click the "Run" button. We currently clean the input and restrict searches to alphanumeric inputs.

When you are satisfied with the results of your complex query, you can click the "View Query" button to view the URL string. We do not recommend changing the query after using this builder as it may have unintended consequences.

Please specify your parameters below:
Optional: Specify your return parameters:

You may edit your query below; however it is not recommended as your query was formatted specifically for your input(s) above. ToTeM may not return the intended results if you modify the query.