PanoromiX - A fully interactive visualization tool offering automated modular network construction

What is PanoromiX?

PanoromiX is a novel data-driven web application for network visualization. It enables users to define a modularized, multi-layered network, and display it as an interactive figure seamlessly across most web browsers, by uploading their data in a text file. The user can customize many attributes of the network, and share interactive results easily via email. With minimal requirements on software installation and programming knowledge, PanoromiX allows users to easily design, explore and share informative, interactive networks.

Designed for developers

With custom configuration file upload, advanced users and developers can create and upload their own configuration files to create custom layouts and more!

Time saver

With no need for software download or installation, or requisite programming knowledge, users can get up and running in minutes.


Our software is easy to use. Designed for quick and hassle-free network visualization, there are no complicated options or menus to navigate. Simply select your data, upload and visualize.


The PanoromiX application is compatible and will operate smoothly with most mobile and touch-enabled devices!

Easy to customize

Change your network visualization settings live! Edit colors, sizes, labels, links, icons, graph and module positions and much more!

Example files included

We provide data templates and sample data for all our upload files, simply cut and paste your data into our template and you're ready to go!


How does it work?

Prepare Your Data

The PanoromiX application accepts the following data files which it processes in order to create the network visualization:

  • A required nodes file containing information about individual points (nodes) of interest that will be plotted as part of your network visualization.
  • An optional links file which contains information about links or relationships between each of these points (nodes).
  • An optional configuration file you may have downloaded from a previous PanoromiX project, or one you may have created yourself.
  • An optional time-point configuration file which you may have created to display an animated legend for your visualization
  • Optional set of images to be displayed as icons, background image, or dynamic legend images for your visualization.

Download an example nodes file template here.

Download an example links file template here.

Below are the details of the data preparation process for PanoromiX.

  • Data File Type: Tab Delimited Text File (.txt)
  • Custom Icon File Type: .jpg image files

Full Documentation

If your documentation is very long you can host the full docs page (including FAQ etc) on GitHub and provide a Call to Action button below to direct users there.

Download Docs

Example 1: Multi-tissue drug response in different conditions

This example shows the immunophenotypic progression in healthy human bone marrow. The tree plot displays many blood cells in healthy human bone marrow. The colored lines encircling sets of nodes define the cells, while the blue-red color scheme of the node indicate the low-high CD marker expression in the cells. Similarly, the different stimulator-responser combination can be achieved. PanoromiX can illustrate how the cells respond when the conditions change.
Click the 'View Demo' button below to launch an interactive view.

Spade Analysis Tree

Spade Analysis Tree



Example 2: Comparison of different drug effects in terms of gene expression: Prion Disease

The expression mosaics for two drugs, ATRA and DMSO, stimulated time course gene expressions capture spatial patterns in terms of modules as the system responds to the drugs through the time series. These images are a graphical representation of dynamic expression changes in clusters in the orginal paper. They show how the drug effects converge while two routes involving different pathways have been taken in the time course. Red/Blue denote extreme positive/negative log expression fold change ratios. PanoromiX can illustrate the drug effect in a modular network using two color sets. The different drug responses start and spread from different areas of the network, and finally converge to the same area.
The prion disease is a simpler example on one system response.
Click the 'View Demo' button below to launch an interactive view.

Prion Disease



Example 3: PanoromiX Feature Demonstration

This interactive demonstration gives the user an opportunity to experience a full feature demonstration of PanoromiX including the use of all our latest template files offered on the website. It illustrates the use of PanoromiX custom icon images, custom link colors and more! Feel free to customize, save, export and share this interactive demo to get a full-feature experience of our software.

PanoromiX Demonstration

Get Started: Create a Project

(Required) Tab delimited format (.txt)
Download an example nodes file here.

(Optional) Tab delimited format (.txt)
Download an example links file here.

(Optional) Image files less than 50MB each (.jpg only).
Names must match data groups or time-points.

Must be tab delimited format (.txt)

e.g. 2hrs,4hrs,6hrs (try to avoid special characters)

Must be tab delimited format (.txt)


Get in touch with the team if you have any questions.

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