Proteomics Tools
ABCC available protein applications
AVIA logoAVIA is web-based annotation and visualization pipeline from genomic variations. AVIA provides integrated access to genomic and proteomic databases and functional annotations. In addition, the availability of a wider range of input options, including gene lists and protein mutations, classification of potentially significant SNPs and genes, and pathway visualization layered with annotation data distinguishes itself from other annotation servers. This tool is available at
bioDBnet logobiological DataBase network, or bioDBnet, is an application integrating a vast number of biological databases including Gene, UniProt, Ensembl, GO, Affy, RefSeq etc. The databases are created by downloading data from various public resources. They are formatted and maintained in a relational structure at the Advanced Biomedical Computing Center (ABCC)
CyPRUSCyPRUS is a web-based tool that allows users to do more specific queries within Uniprot. This tool uses a Mongo database to quickly search Uniprot based on features, such as point mutations using a gene-based position variants. Also, by allowing users customize their views, results can be imported directly into other applications for use. We are currently using this feature in AVIA. This tool is available here.
JSmol protein representation of a protein structureVisualization using jsMol application and a mutation in the protein context
PanoromiX - Modular Network ExplorerPanoromiX - Modular Network Explorer is a novel data-driven web application for interactive, animated network visualization. Click here to begin.